Our Services

BayStar Partners possesses a de facto process to initialize clients into a workshop, where we achieve a deep understanding of our clients’ publishing projects. From there, we provide tools and knowledge to evolve a concept from an idea to a viable product, whether it be a launch of a new product or a revision to a current product or process. Our staff will understand and assist in establishing a client’s goals, so vision becomes reality. This allows for clients to focus on strategy and goals, while we handle project operations, and further refine their vision and mission.


Consider BayStar to launch, operate, or re-engineer your consumer product or periodical to market. BayStar will use our track record of success in both retail and online distribution to send your product to the finish line.

Publisher services

BayStar can manage any or all of the publishing phases for your organization:

  • Acquisition:
  • Planning:
  • Editing:
  • Designing:
  • Art Directing:
  • Copy Editing:
  • Production Management:
  • Distribution:
  • Sales:
  • Pricing, Positioning, Promotion:
  • Wholesaler auditing:
  • General Business consulting

    At BayStar, we recognize that publishers and other small businesses spend a great deal of time and effort operating their business. Therefore, these small business people may not have the resources to staff properly or thoroughly analyze a business opportunity. Our founders have analyzed numerous publishing projects and developed business plans for a variety of businesses. Often our services unveil opportunities for cost savings, meaning more profit in your pocket. Likewise, our services often reveal methods to streamline operations, which allow for the successful implementation of new ideas. Have our team examine any or all phases of your business to maximize profit and minimize opportunity costs.

    Contact us today to leverage our industry consultancy, business development and project management team to your advantage.